Show ID
Series of three station ID's for a show pilot for the Speed Channel. 
Resto Wars is a show where teams compete by picking a car and parts
from a salvage yard then restoring the car.
The Composites:
The idea for the IDs was to show the shows process from junk to restored in 8 seconds. All three ID's were built completely using still images, which were then altered and composited in Photoshop animated using After Effects.
Original photo of an restored car.
First step was to alter the color of the restored to create a "junk" car using Photoshop.
The rust  and distressed parts were pulled from various photos.
 Rust and distressed parts were then applied to create the "junk" version.
Then in After Effects the "rust" car  crumbles using various combinations of particle filters as well as some smoke and dust to reveal the restored car.
TA-DA! Done

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