Ace Hardware wanted a 60 second stop-motion video of a DIY project from start to finish. This project encompassed a pitch, then storyboards, building of the music box,
shooting the stop motion sequences, sound design and music,
then assembly and editing in After Effects.

Additional Credits:
Ben D'Avanza: Photography
Eric Trent: Music and Sound Design, Producer
The Pitch:
Open to time-lapse in front of a busy ACE Hardware. Cut to clean white studio shot of a large brown paper ACE bag. Bag vibrates tips over spilling contents, which form up military style into groups of screws,wires, etc. Parts start assembling themselves into a music box that through the magic of stop-motion will play an original tune to end.

the final Music Box
on the set with Photographer Ben D'Avanza and Producer Eric Trent

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